80564 SP-FLVS Smart Port Lipo

Product Overview:
SP-FLVS - Smart Port Lipo Voltage Sensor Details The Smart Port Lipo Voltage sensor is easy to use, just plug it into a Smart Port equipped receiver at one end, and plug the sensor into the balance port of the battery you want to monitor. That is all there is to it. it can measure total pack voltage and individual cell voltages. Also very handy for checking battery voltages outside of the plane. Dimension: 35mm x 23mm x 6mm Weight: 6g Measurement range: 2S~6S (6 - 25V) Power Consumption: 25mA@5V Voltage display resolution: 0.01V Voltage detection precision: 0.05V Operating temperature range: -10?~70? Pixel: 128*64 OLED screen Compatibility: FrSky Smart Port enabled receivers such as the X8R, X6R, X4R, etc.

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